RSK participating in the Brownfield Summit 2021: Groundwater conference

April 20, 2021

In association with Environment Analyst’s Brownfield Intelligence Network, RSK Geosciences is participating in the Brownfield Summit: Groundwater conference, beginning in the afternoon of Tuesday, 20 April 2021. The two-day conference will, according to its official website, “provide a comprehensive overview of the regulatory and policy framework governing the quality and protection of groundwater”. Speakers will deliver talks on new techniques and practical solutions for improving characterisation, assessing risks and remediating, including innovative remediation solutions.

Helen McMillan, Principal Geoenvironmental Scientist and team leader at RSK Geosciences in Glasgow, will present a segment titled, “Dealing with dangerous daughter products in a DQRA”. After Helen’s informative talk, participants will move to a question and answer session in the virtual discussion and networking lounge. “The upcoming conference is a wonderful platform on which to present RSK’s recent triumphs. The digital event also offers invaluable insights into industry best practices and the most up-to-date research on all matters relating to groundwater. I am excited to deliver my talk and to learn from the other presentations.”

Using two case studies, Helen will explore how daughter products have been considered within the water environment detailed quantitative risk assessments (DQRA) by RSK. In each case study, she will examine the theory behind the breakdown of parent compounds that give rise to daughter products, which can accumulate in the subsurface and can often be more toxic than the parent compound. The Geosciences team leader will then outline the approach taken to model daughter products in the DQRA to the satisfaction of the Scottish regulatory authorities.

Other industry speakers will reveal in-depth insights into topics such as improving the understanding of natural source zone depletion; understanding the role of groundwater in urban decarbonisation; and adapting a natural system to meet remedial goals through engineered phytoremediation. Environment Analyst’s Brownfield Intelligence Network is organising the conference. The groundwater event was preceded by a ground gas event in March. Combined, the two comprise the annual Brownfield Summit.