RSK participating in a ground gas conference

March 09, 2021

This week, from 9–10 March, RSK Geosciences is participating in Environment Analyst Brownfield Intelligence Network’s Brownfield Summit: Ground Gas conference. The event features a packed programme of speakers from The Environmental Protection Group, CL:AIRE, Vapor Pin Enterprises, Inc. and more. The conference will provide all the latest updates on guidance for risk-assessing mine gases, retrofitting gas-protection measures, and the new gas protection verification accreditation scheme.

RSK Geosciences Director and Specialists in Land Condition (SiLC) professional and technical panel deputy chair, Dr Tom Henman, will feature in the afternoon session on Tuesday, 9 March. Tom will outline technical guidance he has co-authored on assessing the risks to development from coal mine gas, during a 25-minute session. This guidance has recently been updated following public consultation on a draft and is due to be published by CL:AIRE. “This event offers invaluable insights into industry best practice and the most up-to-date research on all matters relating to ground gas,” Tom explains, “I am pleased to be giving an update on the guidance for mine gas risk assessment, which has been partly informed by the Gorebridge incident where CO2 entered homes from former mine workings. I will also speak about the resulting Scottish Government research undertaken by RSK.”

Other industry speakers will present case studies and will offer in-depth insights into topics such as understanding the risks from ground gases, effectively conducting a detailed quantitative gas-risk assessment, vapour intrusion and indoor air quality. Environment Analyst’s Brownfield Intelligence Network is organising the conference. The ground gas event is accompanying the groundwater event that takes place in April; the two together make up the annual Brownfield Summit.

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