RSK named UK’s third-largest environmental consultancy

February 13, 2020

RSK has made a dramatic leap into third place in Environment Analyst’s Market Assessment Report rankings for overall environmental consultancy. Positioned seventh in the 2018 report, RSK’s acquisition activity over FY18–19, along with steady organic growth, have enabled it to achieve 50% growth (on the previous year) and enter into the top three for the first time.

RSK furthermore maintained its number one ranking in contaminated land/remediation and sustainability strategy and ESG consultancy. A third top position was also secured in financial and service sector clients, for which RSK made a significant jump up from the ninth position it achieved in 2018.

RSK further impressed in environmental risk and due diligence, ecological/wildlife services, infrastructure and development clients, other environmental consultancy and environmental management and compliance, making the top five on all counts.

RSK’s top 10 rankings:

    • 1st for Contaminated land/remediation
    • 1st for Sustainability strategy and ESG consultancy
    • 1st for Financial and service sector clients
    • 2nd for Environmental risk and due diligence
    • 3rd for Overall environmental consultancy
    • 3rd for Ecological/wildlife services
    • 3rd for Infrastructure and development clients
    • 3rd for Other environmental consultancy
    • 4th for Environmental management and compliance
    • 6th for Noise and vibration
    • 6th for Regulated industries
    • 7th for Extractive, manufacturing and processing clients
    • 9th for Government and agencies
    • 10th for Impact assessment

RSK’s remarkable growth and surge of acquisitions was a hot topic throughout the report, with Environment Analyst commenting: “RSK’s sensational 50% growth is understandable given the deluge of purchases (12 M&As during the 2018/19 financial year), serving to boost RSK to third place in the EC market, from 7th in 2017.”

And there’s no stopping there. RSK’s nine acquisitions to date in FY19–20 have yet to be included in the reported figures, so there is a good stance of climbing further in the 2020 report, which is likely to be published early in 2021: “RSK has purchased no less than eight firms in 2019/20 [building on the 12 added in 2018/19] with a clear focus on adding ‘project delivery’ specialists ranging from engineering firms to ecological, geotechnical and site contractors. Nevertheless, the additions of habitat creation specialist Twig, heritage experts Headland Archaeology, geotechnical and engineering contractor CAN and arboriculture specialists BTS Group will all push up RSK’s EC standing further in next year’s market assessment.”

Registered users can access the full market assessment report on the Environment Analyst website.