RSK makes wellbeing a top priority with new branding

December 13, 2021

RSK is excited to unveil its new wellbeing logo and branding: a visual representation of our joined-up wellbeing strategy in support of the five pillars of wellbeing (physical, mental, social, environmental and financial).

A brand new wellbeing video has also been launched, which details a timeline of some of the key points on RSK’s wellbeing journey over the past seven years.

The video also demonstrates how the company’s initial focus on physical health has expanded and highlights key events such as World Mental Health Day workshops, Time to Talk Day events and the annual Pedometer Challenge, among others.

The new branding will be used across all RSK’s future health and wellbeing communications, events and initiatives to give wellbeing its own identity, making it easier to find out more about what support is available for all things wellbeing.

It is hard to believe that it has been more than six years since RSK launched its first health and wellbeing event, Healthy Heart Month in 2015, which included the very first Pedometer Challenge.

Since then, the business has grown and so has its wellbeing strategy. RSK’s health and wellbeing initiative has evolved into a company-wide scheme aimed at supporting all aspects of health and wellbeing.

Zoe Brunswick, RSK HR Director, said: “I am delighted to see RSK launch its new wellbeing branding and logo, reinforcing the health and wellbeing journey that has brought the whole company together throughout the last six years.

“Our aim is for everyone within the RSK family to have access to someone they can reach out to if they are struggling with their wellbeing, who can signpost them to the relevant sources of support, either internal or external.

“Our new wellbeing branding features five striking colours and interlocking links designed to represent the five pillars of wellbeing that we will be focusing on and to encapsulate the way that each area links with the others to affect us. It also represents our joined-up wellbeing strategy. This is an exciting step in our wellbeing journey and one that I hope will help employees to recognise and engage with wellbeing communications.”