RSK makes moo-vellous addition to Cambridge art trail

July 16, 2021

The “Cows about Cambridge” art project was launched on 28 June and features a “MiniMoo” sponsored by RSK. You can find 90 art pieces ‘grazing’ across Cambridge until September, all featuring colourful and creative designs by local artists and community groups.

With RSK’s sponsorship, Netherhall School has produced Neon Cow (seen below), a rainbow coloured cow created by the students at the school. Painted in a geometric design in bright colours, the pupils of Netherhall School sectioned off each area and carefully painted each part to achieve the overall design.

Jackie Williams, Head of Art, said, “We are very grateful to RSK for the sponsorship that gave us the opportunity to take part in the project. The students really enjoyed it; it enabled them to develop teamworking, communication and creative skills while interacting with their local community. Having their artwork displayed in public has been fantastic and has made the students very proud.”

Not only have the staff and students enjoyed designing and painting Neon Cow, but they have also been involved in a learning programme to help integrate the project into the school’s syllabus. The project has enabled the pupils to get creative and work on their own designs for their “MiniMoo”, putting into practice the artistic skills and techniques they have learned through the programme. These design ideas were then brought to life on the white cow canvas that was modelled on the Red Poll cattle that have historically roamed around Cambridgeshire.

Devised by Wild in Art, a public art events initiative, the art trail project will bring together local community groups from across the city of Cambridge through art. It will also raise funds for Break, a local charity that supports vulnerable children and young people across East Anglia. At the end of the art trail, the large cows designed by artists will be auctioned to support the charity.

Neon Cow is on display near the Cambridge Museum of Technology, where it will enjoy the green space until September, at which time it will be returned to the school. More information about how to visit the “Cows about Cambridge” art trail can be found online.