RSK harnesses innovative 3D mapping technology

December 14, 2020

RSK company Cognica has announced some exciting news about its use of NavVis’s innovative software: NavVis VLX. The wearable indoor mobile mapping system enables the high-quality reality capture of most buildings and it can cope with complex areas such as construction sites, staircases and technical rooms. Cognica will be the first company in the UK to operate the 3D mapping system. NavVis, a Munich-based company, is a global market leader in indoor spatial intelligence technology and enterprise solutions. It counts BMW, Daimler, Skoda, Lenovo and Siemens among its clients.

Cognica has operated since 1998 and it joined RSK in August 2020. The UK-based company provides services, systems and consultancy centred on the efficient collection, collation and delivery of information. It has extensive experience in managing asset- and project-related data and documents. Its widespread customer base includes Severn Trent Water, Kier Group and the University of Leeds.

“Cognica is proud to announce that it is the first UK mapping company to utilise NavVis VLX. We are amazed to see the quality of the point cloud results from this innovative mobile mapping technology,” commented David Gillies, Cognica’s Head of Product.

NavVis VLX is a wearable simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM)-based mobile mapping system that captures survey-grade information much faster than terrestrial scanners. It also offers greater freedom of movement and utility in many environments. The system captures high-quality 360° images and creates coloured point clouds at a density of up to 5 mm, all of which are uploaded to and hosted in the cloud, thereby delivering immersive reality capture on any browser. Cognica also continues to operate NavVis’s alternative hardware, the trolley-based NavVis M6, in conjunction with the latest NavVis VLX. Each device can capture up to 30,000 square metres’ worth of data in one day. By using the two devices together, Cognica is geared up for capturing and delivering a digital twin of almost any site, at a higher speed than other providers of scanning solutions.