RSK group tops the GE100 in 2021

October 12, 2021

RSK Group tops this year’s Ground Engineering GE100 list as the UK’s largest geotechnical consultancy. Four group companies are also featured in their own right among the GE100 2021 rankings. The GE100, formerly the Geotechnical Services Files (GSF), provides an annual ranking of the largest players in the UK’s ground engineering industry.

In this year’s rankings, RSK maintains its position as the UK’s largest consultancy for a second year running and places second on the Top 100 UK Geotechnical Companies list, which includes both consultancy and contracting businesses in the industry. On an individual business level, four RSK group businesses also feature in this year’s rankings: Structural Soils, Central Alliance, CAN Geotechnical and Binnies UK, all featuring in the Top 50 UK Contractors or Consultancy lists.

The GE100 is Ground Engineering’s annual survey of the UK’s geotechnical and geoenvironmental industry and provides insights into current market conditions and forecasts for the year ahead. Following the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past eighteen months, the impact of which remains a key concern for the industry, many of the businesses on the GE100 list have seen significant growth over the course of the past year, including the RSK group of companies. On the Top 100 UK Geotechnical Companies list, Structural Soils comes in at 20th, CAN Geotechnical places at 46th and Central Alliance follows at 56th. For the Top 50 UK Contractors rankings, Structural Soils secures 11th position, CAN Geotechnical places at 29th and Central Alliance comes in at 33rd, while Binnies UK is at 47th position in the Top 50 UK Consultants table.

The report’s discussion of the year ahead for the sector raises concerns about potential skills shortages, an issue highlighted as a key concern by 72% of respondents, far outweighing concern over the impact of the pandemic at 40.2%. Speaking about the recruitment market, RSK Divisional Director for Geosciences and Engineering George Tuckwell said that despite the skills gap, “we are acutely aware that the current and future talent pools are increasingly concerned about the climate crisis” but “being solutions focused and cleaning up problems rather than creating them, we aspire to be an employer of choice, adopting a more flexible approach to recruitment to encourage school leavers and graduates with degrees in STEM subjects to join us.”

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