RSK Group plc reregisters as a private company, RSK Group Limited

January 03, 2018

With effect from the beginning of January 2018, RSK Group plc will reregister as a private company, RSK Group Limited. The directors and shareholders have voted unanimously in favour of this change.

The principal reason for reregistering RSK Group as a private company is to give more flexibility to fund the RSK Employee Benefit Trust.

A public company also has several company law and procedural requirements that do not apply to a private company. Reregistering as a private company therefore, in some respects, reduces the administrative burden on the company.

It should be emphasised there are no changes in RSK’s trading activities, its funding structure, ownership or share capital, the board of directors or the management of the group as a result of reregistering as a private company.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr Alan Ryder, Chief Executive.