RSK Energy BV completes important ISO 50001 project

July 27, 2020

RSK Energy BV, a recent newcomer to RSK in Benelux, has successfully finished an important ISO 50001 project for the public employment agency of Belgium.

The company, formerly Esset Energy Systems, joined RSK earlier this year. For more than two years it has assisted VDAB, the public employment agency of Flanders, Belgium, in implementing its energy management system according to the prestigious ISO standard. The project concluded last week with an in-depth certification audit.

“VDAB is an organisation with 5000 employees offering training and employment assistance to more than 30,000 people every year,” explains Gert Hendrickx from RSK Energy BV. “The project covered more than 150 offices and training locations and dealt with energy management in the buildings. As all economic sectors are covered by one energy management system, it also encompassed numerous training programmes for process operators, metalworkers and construction, transport and logistics workers.”

The project further strengthens RSK Energy BV’s reference list, which also includes companies such as Brussels Airport, DP World, BESIX, Kaneka and Oleon.