RSK employee named Shell Safety Champion

February 18, 2020

RSK congratulates and commends RSK Russia employee Liza Shetsova for being recognised by the Shell DS SGW Global Contractors Safety Council (GCSC) as a Safety Champion.

Liza was nominated by RSK Europe HSE Manager Nicola Dematteis who commented: “The emergency exit at a petrol station kiosk was blocked by an advertising stand. Liza asked for the stand to be removed from the emergency exit because, in case of fire, there was a risk to life due to the obstruction. This shows a good awareness of hazard recognition and that one simple request can have a great impact.”

Shell also congratulated RSK for creating a culture in our organisation that supports and encourages exemplary health, safety, security and environment behaviour.

Well done to Liza for upholding our guiding principal of maintaining an unwavering commitment to health and safety.