RSK appointed to BEIS Futures Framework

May 21, 2020

RSK has been appointed as an approved supplier on the UK government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Futures Framework. The framework brings together a register of consultants and researchers that can be called upon by government departments and agencies and UK public bodies to support work on thinking strategically about the long-term future. It is administered by the Government Office for Science.


It is essential that the government thinks strategically about the long-term future when developing and implementing policies. ‘Futures’ is one area that is helping government to do this. In the Civil Service, for example, conducting Futures work means thinking about how the future might turn out, developing policies and strategies that are resilient to a variety of possible futures and implementing agile practices to respond to different futures. External expertise is often necessary to guide people through the process and the evidence so that they gain the best understanding of the world.

The framework with BEIS will be managed by RSK’s technical management consultancy RSKW Ltd and supported by specialist policy advisers from group company and former government agency, ADAS.

An award-winning management, engineering and environmental services consultancy, RSK’s expertise ranges from board-level assurance to site investigation and everything in between. Our experience across multiple sectors means that we understand the impact of policy decisions across the policy area spectrum on real-world situations. We are familiar with the use of indicators for monitoring outcomes associated with policy implementation and we have an excellent depth of experience in Futures thinking. Importantly, we have demonstrable cross-sector experience of facilitating workshops and providing guidance and training, combined with a pool of more than 3000 cross-discipline technical specialists to provide input where required.

You can download our full prospectus here.

What services can the framework be used for?

The framework can be used for

  1. describing and explaining the characteristics of a policy area, including trend and driver analysis, and systems analysis
  2. describing what the future might be like
  3. developing and testing policies and strategies, and related decisions, particularly for their robustness and resilience
  4. developing Futures capabilities within the Civil Service, including skills related to the above activities
  5. expertise related to specific fields.


Who can call off the framework?

Call offs can be made by government departments and agencies and UK public bodies. A full list is available here.

How can I procure Futures and related services from RSK?

Download our prospectus for a summary of our ‘Futures’-related skills, experience and core project team. If you have any questions or would like to procure the services of any of our 3000+ cross-discipline technical specialists, please contact the RSK Framework Manager Ciaran Whittall (, who will be happy to help.

All framework call-offs must go through the Futures inbox ( with framework reference 1902/05/2019. An overview of the purchasing process, ‘Customer guidance’, can be obtained by contacting the Futures team through the Futures inbox.