Richard Crowe joins newly launched FIDIC committee

July 30, 2020

Richard Crowe, Managing Director of RSK company Nicholas O’Dwyer, has been named a member of the newly launched International Financial Institutions Committee (IFIC) of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). The new committee, which will meet quarterly, is part of a significant strengthening and upgrading of FIDIC’s committee structure, international external affairs and stakeholder relations capability.

The new committee will improve FIDIC’s liaison and influence with international financial institutions (IFI) such as multilateral development banks and other international funding agencies, which have an important influence on the global infrastructure sector. The committee is set to play a key role in FIDIC’s work with IFIs and related organisations in the development of policies, guidelines and processes to improve financial management and procurement and enable the implementation of innovations and best practice.

Commenting on the new committee, FIDIC Chief Executive Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said, “The launch of our new International Financial Institutions Committee is part of a detailed and thorough review of FIDIC’s public engagement work… we have sought to ensure that our committees and other representative bodies better reflect geographic diversification and have the right skills sets to be more effective in a changing marketplace. Going forward, we plan to be more vocal and more visible to meet the challenges our industry faces as it moves out of the COVID crisis and beyond.”

“I see this as a very valuable initiative by FIDIC,” said Richard Crowe. “IFIs have a huge influence on the global infrastructure sector and the community of engineering consultants must be visible here in influencing policy and procedures.”

​The new committee will also work with IFIs to improve the business environment for engineering services for IFI-funded work and enable the sector to contribute more positively to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

​The committee aims to build a ‘Partnership with Purpose’ between the international finance institutions and FIDIC based on trust, collaboration and strong relationships − something that is vital for the global infrastructure industry as it seeks to find sustainable and resilient solutions in the face of the global pandemic and many infrastructure challenges.

You can find out more about the committee here.