Refurbishing Coventry train station

March 20, 2020

RSK Associate Director Sid Grover has told Rail Professional that Coventry railway station, in the West Midlands, UK, is undergoing a major transformation to improve passenger facilities using equipment powered through sustainable means. The redevelopment project, which involves building a footbridge, a station building, a car park and a bus interchange, has seen RSK provide environmental management plans, noise and vibration surveys, ecology surveys, lighting and dust assessments under a £9.3-million contract.

coventry train station

Coventry railway station is undergoing major redevelopment

“The Coventry station redevelopment is being carried out by Coventry City Council in partnership with Network Rail, Transport for the West Midlands, Friargate Coventry and other stakeholders to provide a new look to the station,” Sid explains in the article. “Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd was awarded a £9.3 million contract for the construction of a new footbridge and canopies, along with structural completion of an access tunnel under nearby Warwick Road. RSK has been appointed by Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd. to support them.”

As well as being the environmental consultant and engineer for phases one and two of the programme (managed by Sid), RSK is also providing noise and vibration monitoring services and construction monitoring reports. Sid says that this will involve “detailed barrier placement maps, night-time working stand-off allowance (from nearest residential receptor), measures of plant noise reduction and contractor toolbox talks”.

Environmental noise surveys

Environmental noise surveys

Also, the team “developed and implemented a strategy for the continued monitoring of noise and vibration” with specialist monitoring equipment. “The monitoring equipment provides real-time data capture and trigger alerts, enabling the construction team to be notified of any exceedances of Section 61 levels or COCP criteria,” explains Sid. All the acoustic and electronic equipment used by RSK is “fully compliant with British Standards but also powered through sustainable means, such as solar panels and lithium-ion batteries, where possible, to minimise construction carbon on-site”.

Sustainable noise monitoring system

Sustainable noise monitoring system

This is helping to implement the project’s sustainability policy and meet its sustainability targets while building a “reputable, sustainable and outstanding train station with modern facilities in Coventry”.

You can read the full article in the latest issue of Rail Professional (pp.35–37).