RSK takes the next step in its commitment to sustainability: Pledge to Net Zero

January 21, 2021

RSK has signed the Pledge to Net Zero, an initiative that commits organisations from the environmental sector to a leadership role in the transition towards a net-zero-carbon economy. It supports the UK Government’s ambition to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 and is demonstrative of RSK’s dedication to ‘doing the right thing’ by developing science-based targets to measure, report and monitor its carbon footprint. Signing the pledge represents a further step in RSK’s commitment to one of its underlying principles, ‘Promoting the concept of sustainability in all that we do’.

“Since the business was founded in 1989, RSK has been on a journey to integrate sustainability principles into all aspects of our work,” comments RSK Climate Change and Sustainability Director Garry Charnock. “Fundamentally, we recognise that as the world continues to wake up to the severity of the climate crisis, a business like RSK, with sustainability at its heart, must play a leading role in society’s response to the climate crisis. This will also enable us to better manage risk and respond to opportunity associated with the transition to the net-zero economy.”

RSK’s annual sustainability report, first published in 2017, identifies the steps the business is taking to manage its corporate responsibility, occupational health and well-being, carbon footprint and socio-economic impacts on the communities in which it operates. In 2019, RSK furthered these commitments with its sustainability route map, which demonstrates the company’s longer-term goals and performance objectives and its commitment to the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, RSK also switched its UK utilities contract to SSE Green, a new supplier initiative from SSE Business Energy that guarantees that all the electricity it uses will originate from 100% renewable sources with a zero-emission rating. In addition, the business has replaced boilers, upgraded fleet vehicles and installed electric vehicle charging points at many offices.

“Signing the pledge is one of the next steps on our sustainability journey and demonstrates that as a business we are acting on what we are saying,” Garry continues.

As a pledge signatory, RSK has committed to

  • Set and commit to deliver a greenhouse gas target in line with either a 1.5°C or well below 2°C climate change scenario – covering buildings and travel as a minimum.
  • Publicly report greenhouse gas emissions and progress against this target each year.
  • Publish one piece of research/thought-leadership each year on practical steps to delivering an economy in line with climate science and in support of net zero carbon. Alternatively, RSK may choose to provide mentoring and support for smaller signatory companies in setting targets, reporting and meeting the requirements of the pledge.

RSK Chief Executive Officer Alan Ryder says: “Sustainability and addressing the impacts of climate change continues to move up the global agenda and I am delighted that RSK has demonstrated its sustainability commitments by signing the Pledge to Net Zero. As well as continuing to focus on sustainability as a key business driver, which will unlock opportunities for our business, it is important that we also continue to look inwards and ensure that we are ‘doing the right thing’ – this pledge is part of that. We have a responsibility to protect the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”