Manchester Fourways expansion: The dizzy heights of the third floor

March 20, 2020

RSK’s Manchester team has expanded its presence in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, UK, through the acquisition of additional office accommodation at Fourways House.

Since the office’s opening in 2008, the Manchester team has grown significantly, particularly over the last five years when it has doubled in size to about 60 people. Previously split between floors two and three, the team has surrendered its second-floor space and acquired an additional 1905 ft2 on the third floor to take the total office floorspace to 6,898 ft2.

Inside Fourways House: the atrium

Inside Fourways House: the atrium


“The additional space in Manchester provides the opportunity to consolidate our operations on a single floor,” comments Office Director Ian Wickett. “The extra room will enable us to provide a dedicated break-out space, better storage facilities and an additional meeting room, as well as increasing the capacity of the office.

“We have had organic growth in the established teams and have welcomed a host of new teams and specialist individuals to the office on a regular basis. Many of them are seeking to use the office as a part-time workplace, so Manchester is becoming a model for flexible working within the RSK group.”

The Fourways premises now houses members from 13 teams (to date), including geosciences, landscape, acoustics and environmental planning and design, which facilitates collaboration and multidisciplinary working.

“The office has already seen new investment to refurbish the workspace, which will continue this year with new meeting rooms and into the additional space, to match the building refurbishment that our landlord is undertaking. This will provide one of the leading offices in the RSK family and reaffirm our growth aspirations as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. It is a challenging time for us all, but with investments in the right places we can diversify the business and increase our resilience,” concludes Ian.

For more information about the RSK Manchester offices and their teams and businesses, please contact Ian Wickett.