Little green bins invade Helsby

November 29, 2019

RSK’s headquarters in Helsby, UK, has recently rolled out a new recycling scheme that could be adopted company-wide as part of RSK’s larger efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Lisa Smith, part of the direct sales team in Helsby, set up the scheme and says, “We’ve introduced a uniform recycling scheme to sit alongside the non-recyclable waste across the three Helsby sites. Every office has a green bin for clean recyclable items such as glass, cans, plastic bottles and containers and paper and cardboard. Additionally, we have introduced crisp packet recycling (via TerraCycle) that goes to the public collection point at nearby Chester Zoo. The zoo earns points that go towards generating an income for their charity, and all the crisp packets are recycled into items for re-use instead of ending up clogging up a landfill.”

In addition, the office is also looking at the possibility of creating a compost bin at the new Mountain View site in Helsby, as this is next to local allotments.

Lisa says: “Upping our recycling efforts inside and outside of work might seem like a small change, but the small changes can potentially have big impacts.”