Key changes in the consultancy market: ENDS highlights RSK’s 2019 acquisitions

December 16, 2019

The ENDS Report’s ‘year in review: 2019’, features RSK’s acquisitions in its ‘key changes in the consultancy market’ section.

“It’s been a big year for green policy with Brexit preparations and climate concerns driving much of the change. But many flagship policies are still a work in progress,” the magazine’s report begins. Going on to summarise the year on a month-by-month basis, Brexit dominates 2019, and its impacts are not about to disappear as we enter 2020.

RSK is first on the list in the ‘key changes in the consultancy market’, a reflection of the significance of this expansion. “The RSK Group had a busy year, expanding its workforce from about 2000 staff to more than 3000 across the 2018/29 financial year. It bought construction services firm Pellings in January, followed by ecological consultancy Biocensus and wayleave business Consents Solutions in May. RAW Technology was later bought in July and Geocore Site Investigations in August. In September, remediation specialist Ecologia became the group’s sixth acquisition.” Since printing, RSK has made two more acquisitions: ATP and Silcock Leedham Group. RSK’s acquisition of Adverbo in May is not mentioned, but the acquisition adds to RSK’s expanding numbers.

November’s summary, which concludes the report, focuses on the general election: “This election really is the climate election,” said CCC chief executive Chris Stark on 6 November, as parliament dissolved ahead of the election on 12 December. “The major parties have since competed to make greener policy pledges.”

Subscribers can read the report in full on the ENDS report website.