Keep calm and do what you do best

October 26, 2020

RSK Biocensus Associate Director Roberta Epps has featured in this quarter’s Association for Project Management’s journal, Project, discussing her top tips for project managers when dealing with uncertainty. With high levels of uncertainty becoming the new normal in the current climate, Project asked project managers to share their advice.

Roberta said, “Project managers tend to crave order and design, but we also need enough imagination and creativity to adapt and not get too hung up on the ‘perfect’ project plan we had mapped out. If recent months have taught us anything, it’s that we are unlikely to be able to predict every eventuality, and depending on a pathway to success leaves us vulnerable. Mindset is key: change your focus from the end result to those mini-milestones that are achievable today, and that will keep your project moving in the right direction tomorrow.

“Keep your projects close: talk to your clients, a lot. Listen to who is saying what in your team and ask them what it’s really like on the ground. If you understand those things, you’re more likely to pick up on any changes early and can adapt more quickly. Now is not the time to stand back and wait for our situation to become familiar again.”

Members can read the article in full and find out more top tips on the Project webpage.