In the driving seat in Uganda

May 07, 2021

RSK employees in Uganda recently took to the driving seat and welcomed Katoto Shabani, Senior Driver and Technician from RSK Tanzania, for a driver skills training masterclass.

The training was part of wider drive to enable all employees in Uganda to use RSK vehicles safely on the difficult roads of Kampala. As part of this, RSK has been assisting employees with taking driving lessons, acquiring driving licenses and completing external defensive driver training courses. The additional first-hand training from Katoto, our experienced driver in Tanzania, helped to further develop the Uganda team’s driving in line with RSK international standards before an upcoming energy project.


Driver skills training masterclass in Uganda


Aron Engweu, RSK Field Engineer, who took part in the training, said, “I would like to extend my gratitude and sincerity to Katoto for the time spent during the driving skills appraisal. I personally learnt a lot from him and have polished the skills I already had. He gave me attention and the freedom to express my weaknesses and strengths, a detailed vehicle inspection and, above all, training on safety while on the road.”


“It was great to visit a new country and another RSK office and I am thankful to RSK for providing me with this opportunity,” says Katoto. “I believe I had an impact on the driving habits of the six Ugandan staff that I trained and that my visit was worthwhile. It was also great to share some of the lessons I have learned from RSK in Tanzania with the Ugandan staff and to be part of facilitating a culture of safe 4×4 driving. I was very welcomed by our Ugandan colleagues and hope to come back and say hello to them one day.”