How businesses can make Britain beautiful again

October 02, 2020

RSK Wilding Director Jon Davies has been published in City A.M., where he discussed how businesses can help to reverse the UK’s biodiversity decline. Commercial rewilding “is not really happening yet, but it soon will,” he said.

“There are privately-owned, non-commercial sites that have carried out this type of pure rewilding, most famously the Knepp estate in Sussex,” John explained. “But commercial rewilding for corporates has not yet taken off either in Britain or abroad.”

Jon’s article goes on to provide an insight into the different ways in which rewilding could be used in the commercial market, thereby making use of some of the opportunities that will come from Brexit, the proposed Environmental Land Management scheme and the Environment Bill. For example, farmers who no longer have EU subsidies may want to generate income by rewilding their land, and developers will soon need to pay to offset their impacts on biodiversity. Many businesses could also get involved by putting their non-operational land to good use.

For example, “if companies with dead land could also start to rewild it to offset their own biodiversity impact, in 10 years’ time we could see a Britain where land is becoming healthy again,” said John. “The more areas become rewilded, the more they can be joined up to create a patchwork network of corridors, helping wildlife travel and rejuvenate. Britain could build a new green industry, a rewilding industry.”

You can read Jon’s article in full on the City A.M. website.

RSK’s new rewilding venture, RSK Wilding, which aims to make rewilding an option for businesses big or small to offset their carbon emissions and ecological impacts, will be launching soon.