Holding stable

March 13, 2020

CAN, RSK’s geotechnical engineering specialist, has won a substantial slope stabilisation contract for the Parkside Development, a large-scale residential project in Lewisham, south London, UK. The project forms part of a major regeneration of two housing estates, Heathside and Lethbridge, which will comprise more than 1200 new homes.

Holding stable

Two soil embankments must be stabilised for the new homes

With work underway on phase 5 and 6 of the development, CAN will stabilise two soil embankments on the perimeter of the site to create a suitable level formation for constructing the planned homes. CAN’s slope stabilisation programme forms part of phases 5 and 6 enabling work.

“Specifically, the project will see CAN install more than 600 soil nails, up to 15m deep, and 3000 m2 of Tecco high tensile netting and erosion matting, which will cover the stabilised slopes,” explains CAN Business Development Director Ben Foulger. “Additionally, a double depth gabion wall will be built along the toe of the lower slope, and a smart ditch drainage system will be constructed to intercept and divert water from the slope.”

The project, which commenced mid-February 2020, is not without its challenges and CAN has been working through a complex programme. As a result, CAN will deploy up to four drilling teams using different types of on-slope drilling rigs, while working concurrently with standard and long reach excavator mounted drilling rigs.

The project is expected to take 12 weeks to complete.

For more information on CAN’s slope stabilisation work or any of the company’s products and services, visit the CAN website or call 01474 538100.