Guild Goes Green: Biodiversity net gain for linear infrastructure

August 07, 2020

RSK Biocensus directors Steph Wray and Jon Davies will be presenting at The Pipeline Industries Guild webinar series, “Guild Goes Green”. The series focuses on sustainable, green recovery from COVID-19 and will span August.

Steph and Jon’s webinar, which will explain all about how to achieve biodiversity net gain for pipelines and other linear projects, is on 11 August from 12:00. The 45-minute-long, virtual event is free for both guild members and non-members, so sign up now to reserve your place.

What to expect

Biodiversity net gain is a policy for many infrastructure clients and will soon be mandatory in England under the forthcoming Environment Act, but what does that mean for your projects? With no jargon, minimal maths and cultural references ranging from Monty Python to Douglas Adams via the early works of Pink Floyd, Steph will take you on a magical lunchtime mystery tour through all things biodiversity net gain: what it means; how you achieve it when you cannot acquire land; and how to get the best bang for your biodiversity buck. Jon will go on to explain the wonders of rewilding and how small contributions from your projects will be helping to turn the tide on climate change and biodiversity loss. Your money back if this webinar does not leave you desperate to get out on-site to plant some (socially distanced) trees!

Visit The Pipeline Industries Guild’s website to register and view the full list of upcoming events.