Group success in Ground Engineering: GSF 2019

September 06, 2019

Following the news of RSK’s excellent rankings in the 2019 Ground Engineering Geotechnical Services File (GSF), we are delighted to announce that RSK companies Structural Soils, CAN Geotechnical and Central Alliance also made the cut.

RSK’s geotechnical and geoenvironmental site-investigation company Structural Soils was placed 13th in the Top 50 UK Contractors, 20th in the Top 100 UK Geotechnical Companies and 14th for Top UK Geotechnics businesses based on staff numbers.

Structural Soils managing director Steve Mackereth commented, “It’s been great to experience such strong organic growth of the company over the last few years off the back of a run of large strategic ground investigation campaigns for a mix of rail, energy and government clients. The support and additional resources fellow companies in RSK offer have been fundamental in helping to make these projects so successful.”

Meanwhile, specialist access and geotechnical contractor CAN, which joined RSK in October 2018, claimed 23rd place in the Top 50 UK Contractors, 32nd for Top 100 UK Geotechnical Companies and 20th for Top UK Geotechnics businesses based on staff numbers.

CAN managing director Mark Richardson said, “We’re extremely pleased to see CAN doing so well in the rankings. Although the next 12 months look set to be extremely challenging for everyone in our industry, we’re confident that by embracing new opportunities created by being part of RSK we’ll continue to excel and succeed in our endeavours.”

Pre-construction services company Central Alliance, which RSK also acquired in 2018, joined RSK, Structural Soils and CAN in the league tables. They came in 37th for Top 50 UK Contractors and 59th for Top 100 UK Geotechnical Companies.

“It’s fantastic to see the rapid rise and growth of the business from 64th place in 2018 to 37th in 2019. It’s a testament to all the hard work from the Central Alliance team,” commented Richard Pidcock, Central Alliance joint managing director.

“The report shows RSK’s strong organic growth: our technical expertise and service offering has grown further through the new businesses that have joined the group,” added RSK geosciences and engineering divisional director George Tuckwell.

Subscribers can read the GSF in full on the Ground Engineering website.