Greening the manufacturing industry: Anything but straightforward

September 30, 2020

RSK Director Warren Percival has been speaking about the challenges facing the manufacturing industry when it comes to achieving net-zero carbon. Writing for The Engineer, he said: “Every company now wants to say it’s working towards carbon net zero. But for the manufacturing sector that can seem an almost impossible challenge, despite the fact that private and public funding is increasingly being tied to sustainability targets.”

Indeed, the UK government has recently been in talks with some manufacturers to save strategically important companies affected by COVID-19. However, the Project Birch bailout plan comes with net-zero-carbon strings attached, which brings other challenges as companies must navigate decarbonising operations while also safeguarding jobs.

“The failure of some of the Project Birch talks has highlighted the fact that greening the manufacturing industry is anything but straightforward,” says Warren. The net zero bar is a huge target to meet for an industry that requires so much energy.

Rather than focus on offsetting emissions, Warren continues, one option is to concentrate on greening your supply chain. By identifying where your raw materials come from and looking closely at your supply chain you can mitigate the risks that come with a lack of understanding in this area. As the climate change agenda advances, these risks will only grow and working to combat them will only help in business’s pursuit of net zero.

You can read Warren’s article in full on The Engineer website.