Green Dialogues: RSK launches webinar series in the run up to COP26

July 14, 2021

In the run-up to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow this November, RSK group is launching a new and innovative webinar series: “Green Dialogues”. The series will bring together industry specialists from across the environmental sector to survey the path to a sustainable future.

The webinar series will focus on three areas linked to COP26 conference core themes: sustainable transport, renewable heating and rewilding.

On 11 August, specialists from the energy and transport sectors will kick off the series with “Ditch the Car? Mapping the future of sustainable transport” to examine the habit and infrastructure changes that will be necessary in the way we commute and travel to meet our net-zero-carbon targets. Taking an international perspective on the issue of transport sustainability and the future roles of hydrogen and electricity as fuel sources, this session will bring together a range of speakers who will offer their perspectives on the sustainable future of transport.

On 9 September, a second panel of industry leaders will shed light on the transition to renewable heating infrastructure in the face of the UK’s ‘boiler ban’. A move to renewable-energy-based heating sources presents both challenges and opportunities to businesses and individuals. On the topic “Boiler Ban: Plotting the UK’s transition to renewable heating”, panel members will combine their expertise to discuss the next steps on the road to implementation.

The final session on 7 October will offer expert perspectives on the future of rewilding in Britain’s cities and urban landscapes and will debate the question: “Can we rewild land in our inner cities?” Specialists will share their viewpoints on the reimagining of the urban ecosystem and the accompanying benefits to human health and well-being. With innovative problem-solving, the rural strategy of rewilding can be adapted for urban challenges. Speakers will also reveal the best places in the UK and around the world for rewilding, based on a number of biodiversity factors.

With its international, multidimensional approach, “Green Dialogues” will give individuals and businesses the opportunity to hear a wide range of voices from the front lines of sustainable change. These are the most crucial years for the future of our planet and conversations like these will come to define the sustainability movement in our lifetimes.

All webinars in this series are free to attend, visit the COP 26: Green Dialogues event page for more information and to register for you place.