Facing the environmental facts: RSK Response creates reusable face coverings

October 15, 2020

RSK Response has been doing its bit to help mitigate the environmental impact of disposable face masks by ditching its usual business cards in favour of reusable face coverings. The masks, which will be given out to potential clients, feature the RSK Response logo and are washable and reusable.

RSK Response creates reusable face coverings

RSK Response face coverings

“We were very disappointed to see the amount of litter that has been created from disposable face masks since the beginning of the pandemic,” said RSK Response Environmental Incident Response Consultant Emily Martin. “As a company providing COVID-19 decontamination and protection services, we thought that there was a great opportunity to do our bit, so we have decided to give out reusable face coverings to potential clients instead of our usual business cards. Hopefully these will be useful, as more settings, such as shops and other indoor spaces, in the UK require people to wear a face covering.”

RSK Response specialises in environmental incident response, including emergency oil spill response, hazardous waste management and flood response. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have also been using their understanding of viral decontamination and the latest disinfectant technology to provide professional COVID-19 decontamination and protection services in virtually any setting. They recently carried out decontamination services in the UK for Chester Zoo.

You can find out more about RSK Response’s professional decontamination services for offices, facilities, worksites, vehicles, plant and equipment here.