Environmental challenges in 2021: What we can do?

December 17, 2020

RSK Geosciences Director Tom Henman presented at the Environmental Protection UK (EPUK) Annual Conference 2020. The conference, ‘Environmental challenges in 2021: What we can do?’, was held virtually on 18-19 November 2020.

“We are once again in a period of considerable flux,” commented a representative from EPUK. “Although we have formally left the EU, we have yet to decide the form of our future relationship and what exactly will replace European environmental law. Furthermore, the impact of COVID-19 on our environment has yet to be fully understood and explored. This year’s conference offered opportunities to discuss these issues”.

15 speakers considered a variety of topics across the two days, designed to be of interest to the audience predominantly comprising environmental health officers at local authorities.

Four speakers spoke on land contamination and remediation, which continues to be a major concern for EPUK members, especially regarding asbestos and new issues arising from the decline in road fuel retailing sites. As one of these speakers, Tom examined the risk of carbon dioxide arising from former coal workings and the implications for development. This covered the recent research RSK undertook on behalf of the Scottish Government and provided an update on recent developments in this area, including the draft CL:AIRE good practice guide to mine gas risk assessment that Tom co-authored.