Environmental Activities for Key Stage 2

April 03, 2020
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Technical experts at RSK have always been keen share their knowledge with colleagues and clients but now, with parents around the world juggling homeschooling alongside everything else, we’d like to help.  Over the coming weeks we’ll be creating content aimed specifically at our next generation of experts.  Whether your little one is a budding ecologist, a future engineer or a keen geologist, we have the experts and will work to create child-friendly resources directly related to real world applications.

Today, we’re pleased to release our Environmental Activities pack for KS2.  We’ve put this pack together to introduce children to the world of environmental consulting and to help with their educational journey.  The pack includes a range of educational activities based around the work delivered by our RSK Ireland business.  To finish off the pack we’re challenging everyone to take the RSK ‘5-a-day’ challenge and complete a week of activities in their own home which can help the environment.

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Keep an eye on our social media channels where we’ll be posting details of future online learning sessions and additional activity packs.

We hope your little ones find these materials enjoyable and who knows, maybe they’ll find themselves working as an environmental consultant in the future!

You can download the second pack, ‘Environmental activities for ages 7-8’ on the RSK website.