Engineering Insight: Guiding the way

March 22, 2021

RSK Environment’s Roseanna Bloxham recently discussed her role as a Senior Geoenvironmental Engineer, and her career in construction, with Ground Engineering.

Roseanna Bloxham

In the article, Roseanna points to the diversity of work as one of the most enjoyable elements of her job with RSK. Getting involved in projects in sectors ranging from property to energy, and even travelling to South Africa to work on a new range of projects. Roseanna has found that the variety of work has enabled her to achieve many of her ambitions with RSK. She sees the opportunities RSK has offered her as some of the most exciting elements of working in the industry. She hopes to change old perceptions and to celebrate the work of women in engineering. Highlighting old industry stereotypes that engineers “are predominantly men performing hard, dirty work”, Roseanna emphasises how rewarding it has been for her to work in construction, which has offered so many interesting opportunities to grow from her “geotechnical roots”, to expand into new fields and thus to develop her environmental knowledge. By challenging misconceptions about the construction and engineering industries, she hopes to encourage more women and young people to see the opportunities and rewards presented by careers in these fields.

In 2018, Roseanna won the Best Young Brownfield Professional title at the Brownfield Briefing Awards, as well as being named Best Woman Consultant at the European Women in Construction & Engineering Awards in 2017. Roseanna attributes many of her successes to the diversity of her job and the variety of different projects she has been involved with.

Roseanna Bloxham

While discussing the variety of her work, Roseanna describes different projects that demonstrate the opportunities offered by the industry. Her most memorable, the redevelopment of an old factory site into a residential estate, enabled her to take on ground investigations, slope stability work, topography studies and project management. Though work on the site “presented many challenges”, the project typified the range of opportunities offered in engineering and environmental professions.

As the construction industry is so vast, Roseanna hopes that the opportunities offered will encourage more people to look at careers in geotechnical and geoenvironmental fields.

Roseanna’s conversation with Ground Engineering can be read in full here.