Engineering at El Cabril: Amphos 21 awarded new Enresa project

July 09, 2021

Amphos 21, an RSK group company, has been appointed by Enresa, the Spanish radioactive waste management organisation, to engineer a safe solution for the coverage of radioactive waste at the El Cabril storage centre in Córdoba, Spain. This strategic research and development project is expected to last for four years.

Run by Enresa since 1986, El Cabril is Spain’s disposal facility for handling “very low, low and intermediate level radioactive waste” material. The facility at El Cabril is regarded as world leading in radioactive waste disposal, processing what is predominantly low and intermediate level waste produced by industry, hospitals, research centres and nuclear power stations. Owing to the nature of the waste handled at the facility, safe storage and disposal processes are required to prevent harm to the wider environment.

To ensure people and the environment are protected, the storage system uses engineered and natural barriers to isolate the materials stored on site safely. The project awarded to Amphos 21 involves the implementation of in-situ monitoring systems at the site’s current storage cells. This will include a full-scale pilot cover and the design and supervision of several laboratory tests. Over the course of the four year project, the team will develop advanced numerical models to simulate the long-term performance of several cover designs, using this data to inform the proposal of the best solution for future implementation at an industrial scale.

“We are very proud to have the opportunity to contribute to the project and to use our scientific and technical expertise to develop a definitive and safe solution for the radioactive waste in Spain,” says Amphos 21 Chief Executive Officer Lara Duro. “We thank Enresa for its trust and confidence.”

Jorge Molinero, Deputy Managing Director and Contract Manager of Amphos 21, adds, “We are so excited to work on such a challenging project and we are ready to do our best with our talented team of scientists and engineers.”