Donations have landed in Coventry!

May 04, 2021

Contributing to the local communities in which we operate, whether through volunteering and fundraising with local causes or fundraising for RSK’s charity of choice, has always been part of RSK’s identity and is at the core of our corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy.

Amid numerous lockdowns and restricted travel due to COVID-19, employees from RSK’s Coventry, UK, office, organised a collection for the local Air Ambulance Service, an organisation providing invaluable critical care for medical emergencies. The collection was facilitated by RSK Asbestos Laboratory Analyst Tina Geddes and former RSK colleague Jenny Staley.

The Air Ambulance Service’s critical care paramedics, doctors and pilots attend an average of ten rescue missions a day. Making use of two helicopters that can fly at 185 mph and carry the very latest equipment, they can be on the ground within minutes, delivering lifesaving care at road traffic collisions, sports events, and industrial accidents, or for medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests, strokes or accidents in the home.

The RSK collection started in mid-December last year and ran until late March 2021. In that time, an incredible 110 bags and 25 boxes of unwanted lovely items were donated to the local Air Ambulance Service store to raise essential funds for the air ambulance.

Coventry Donations

An RSK meeting room filled with the donations

Coventry Donations

Loading up the vans!

A big thank you to Tina and Jenny who kindly facilitated this remarkable collection and to all those who generously contributed.

To find out more about the Air Ambulance Service, the amazing work they do, and how you can contribute or donate, you can visit their website here.