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November 22, 2020

Digital era: Upgrading your estates’ webinar

Thursday, 26 November, 10:30–11:00

Comprehensive information management solutions business, Cognica, an RSK company, is excited to present its latest webinar, Digital era: Upgrading your estates’.

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The free webinar, on introducing digital twins into daily working life, will provide a taster session on the possibilities of this limitless technology. Cognica will demonstrate how to bring your buildings to life through digital replicas, and the multiple opportunities that this technology brings for collaboration with subcontractors, employees and your clients.

Collaboration, sustainability and the reduction of carbon footprint are key drivers when it comes to improving technological functionality across businesses. Digital twins are more cost-effective than you may imagine, as well as being easy to use. They can also provide a single complete picture of your estate.

Now that the Grenfell enquiry is coming to a close, the Building Regulations, particularly Regulation 38, are being updated and coming into force, so it is time to look forward to not just compliance, but also to improving your processes and entering the new era of 3D digital twins.

Cognica can support and consult with clients on the journey to full digitalisation by reviewing operation and maintenance documentation and transferring it from a static folder to a live environment with compliance to building information modelling levels. They can then link all this information, together with work management systems, to a live digital twin to create one interface and single true picture.

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