Championing sun shade on-site

August 13, 2018

Congratulations to Geoff Cotton, principal environmental consultant from RSK’s Hemel Hempstead, UK, office, who has been awarded a Shell Safety Champion Award by the Shell Global Contractors Safety Council (GCSC). During the recent high temperatures in the UK, Geoff was working on a site investigation project and noticed that the team on-site was struggling in the 28–30°C heat. Geoff used his initiative and created a shaded work area to help alleviate the difficult working conditions and to help the team stay cool. Geoff’s positive intervention was recognised as an exceptional commitment to safety.

“Geoff was issuing a permit during our recent site investigation,” explains RSK’s Nicola Dematteis, who nominated Geoff for the award. “Using on-site materials, Geoff created a sunshade to create a safe and cool area for logging samples. Geoff’s idea greatly improved the working environment for the engineer and drillers. The idea has since been shared with other team leaders in the company.”

The makeshift sunshade was constructed using two Heras fence panels and a 5-m-wide plastic sheet, which was fixed to the fence panels with cable ties.

“I am very pleased to receive my Shell Safety Champion Award and would like to thank the GCSC and all those involved for recognising this and nominating me,” said Geoff. “The recent effort was a very simple solution to help alleviate the difficult conditions experienced by our engineer Hannah Bennett and the drillers while logging samples on-site. It is encouraging to know that continuing to participate in our team’s commitment to safety is recognised and does contribute to Shell’s Goal Zero ambition.”

A representative from GCSC commented, “Congratulations, Geoff, and well done to RSK for creating a culture and climate within your organisation that supports and encourages such exemplary Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) behaviour.”

The Shell Safety Champion Award is decided by representatives from Shell as well as Shell’s nine Global Environmental Services Strategy consultants