Central Alliance – continuously waving

April 14, 2020

In its search for adding cutting-edge surveying solutions to its service remit, Central Alliance (an RSK company) has added continuous surface wave (CSW) testing to its portfolio of surveying techniques. The new service provides a detailed, economic method of ground stiffness profiling and negates intrusive work.

The portable equipment generates seismic energy across an operating range of 5–100 Hz and produces surface or Rayleigh waves, which propagate across the ground surface. The waves are detected by a system of geophones and analysed by laptop-based software. The data provide a stiffness vs. depth profile. Office-based post-processing provides shear wave velocity profiles and, later, mechanical properties of the ground, such as shear modulus and elastic (Young’s) modulus.

It is a great technique with many applications. To read more about CSW testing and its potential benefits, visit the Central Alliance website.