Building on 2019

January 27, 2020

RSK Chief Executive Officer Alan Ryder has set a strong foundation for RSK’s 2020 after featuring in two publications in three days.

On 7 January, Alan appeared in Building, the UK’s leading magazine for construction professionals. In its article ‘2020 vision: What do industry experts expect from construction this year?’, he commented, “My dream is that this is the year that the UK construction industry, in partnership with financiers and the government, works to deliver world-beating, sustainable infrastructure and housing projects.” He also told Building  that Brexit would likely present a big recruitment challenge for the industry in 2020: “It’s not just staff with traditional skills that we need to attract; it’s essential that we open the doors to a new kind of skills base – people skilled in retrofitting, for example – if we’re to confront the challenges of sustainability and climate change.”

The second article, published in Insider  on 9 January, focuses on RSK’s acquisition plans going into 2020. Alan told Insider, “Over the next five years, with support from our excellent funding partner Ares, we want to make between 25 and 50 further acquisitions throughout the world.

“Our aim by 2025 is to employ 10,000 people with a turnover of £1bn. This is an ambitious target from our current headcount of 3600 in more than 130 offices worldwide. Over the last decade, we have had a strong track record of meeting such ambitious targets.” He described the acquisition targets as businesses that will fit well into RSK’s existing family of companies, and those that will extend our range of services.

Alan concluded by speaking about climate change and RSK’s dedication to doing the right thing: “RSK is working to reduce its carbon footprint. And we want to help our customers to do the same. The planet faces a great many urgent issues – from transitioning to a low-carbon economy to providing access to clean water and sanitation in the poorest parts of the world, to improving the productivity of agriculture to feed the global population.

“RSK wants to make a positive contribution to society and help humanity deal with these pressing challenges over the next decade.”

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