Building bridges: Geosciences unite for a team building day

December 16, 2019

On Friday, 8 November, RSK’s geosciences team held a staff day at the Priory Rooms in Birmingham, UK, where 177 staff members attended. The day’s aim was to impart information about how the business fits within the wider group, have a bit of training, and enjoy some good team building and fun.

On the day before, 45 members of the technical reviews team met at the venue to take part in training. The administration team also had a chance to meet in person before the event, some for the first time, for a team day at Cadbury World. Ten of the team had fun touring through the Bournville factory, tasting and playing with chocolate as they went. This was certainly to the envy of other teams, as several people came along with chocolate shopping lists from their colleagues!

Geosciences Director Neil Hutchinson and Geoscience and Engineering Divisional Director George Tuckwell kicked off the day with an overview of the day, information about the entire business, the geosciences team, how they have grown, and how they expect to continue to grow. Activity highlights for the day included building bridges out of straws, building a paper plate and spaghetti tower that can support the weight of a golf ball and creating a parachute for an egg. Lots of fun and some serious thinking and healthy team rivalries ensued. Prizes were awarded for each of the winning teams, including lots of Fairtrade chocolate.

Later in the day, when the teams were relaxed and knew each other a bit better, they attended four half hour sessions including social media for business and health and safety. The sessions focused on developing everyone’s understanding of these important topics, and how everyone can play their part in supporting our business improvement aims over the coming year.

The final afternoon session, a surprise to everyone, was a team
challenge solving a ‘whodunnit’ by gathering clues and visiting rooms talking to ‘characters’ for information. Think Cluedo meets escape rooms! It was chaotic fun, full of strange antics, such as singing nursery rhymes and performing pirouettes on the spot to gain points and tickets; it was a sight to behold!
In addition to the activities and sessions, staff also voted to offset the CO2e calculated for travel to and from the event through the UK Tree Planting scheme. They were given suggestion cards on ways they would like to see improvements in the business and were offered the opportunity to get involved with the selected topics.

The day concluded with a final prize and a team photo. Overall, it was a very productive day, and the feedback from staff was hugely positive.