ADAS proud to sponsor the 2021 British Farming Awards

May 21, 2021

ADAS, an RSK group company, is proud to announce that it is sponsoring the Agri-tech Innovator of the Year award at the 2021 British Farming Awards.

Taking place on 21 October 2021, the British Farming Awards aim to celebrate the innovation of British farmers. The Agri-tech Innovator of the Year award hails pioneering farmers who use technology and precision data to improve efficiency. It recognises original ideas that better support farming practices, whether this be through the development of software, a new dynamic approach or a novel decision-making tool. Sponsoring this award reflects the innovative farm-centric projects ADAS is involved in, such as INNO-VEG, Agronomics, the Yield Enhancement Network, and IPM Decisions. ADAS wishes to shine a light on the farming leaders in agri-tech: those who are the key enablers of sustainable food production and those who are driving carbon emissions in farming to net zero.

ADAS sponsoring Agri-tech Innovator of the Year


This year’s award will showcase how new developments in technology can play a major role in transforming global and grass-roots farming and food production. Innovations in technology that can help us to increase crop yields, improve animal health, reduce waste, lower carbon footprints or ease the burden of labour-intensive tasks will all contribute to nurturing better farmers and growers. For UK food producers, there has never been a more important time to build competitiveness as agriculture adapts to the post-Common-Agricultural-Policy era and the UK seeks to forge new trade deals independently of the EU. Technology is one of the key tools that will help to reinforce the UK’s position as a leader in maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare, food safety and environmental protection.

“At ADAS, we believe that farmer-led innovation can deliver great value in this sector,” said Andrew Walker, ADAS Managing Director. “That is why we are proud to sponsor this award to highlight achievements in the adoption of agri-tech that will bring positive environmental and economic benefits to farming businesses.”

Entries for the Agri-tech Innovator of the Year award can be made until 25 June. You can enter the award or submit your nominations here.