A warm welcome to WRc

October 16, 2020

On 20 August, RSK welcomed a new acquisition to the group: independent centre of excellence for innovation and growth, Water Research Centre Ltd (WRc).

A few weeks on, its time to introduce our newest asset in a little more detail.

WRc, founded in 1927, began as a publicly owned water research centre. The now privatised business, 93 years on, describes itself as an independent centre of excellence for innovation and growth. Its vision is to discover and deliver new and exciting solutions that enables clients to meet the challenges of the future.

Specialising in the global water, waste management and energy sectors, WRc’s clients are primarily utilities based, and include Thames Water, Scottish Water, United Utilities, the World Bank and the Environment Agency. Based in Swindon, Wiltshire, WRc’s 170 employees are split between three business areas: infrastructure, water and environment, and waste and resources.

Its services can be categorised into four key offerings: ‘innovation’, and support to research and development; ‘consultancy’, typically implementing best practice to deliver on KPIs and performance targets; ‘service delivery’, supporting the efficient operation of our clients’ businesses; and ‘knowledge transfer’, either formally through training course provision or informally as part of collaborative project delivery.

Specific topics the teams cover include leakage detection; water management; treatment processes; wastewater management; flooding and sewers; environmental modelling; asset management; policy and regulation; circular economy, resource recovery; and waste characterisation. At WRc’s site they have UKAS-accredited physical testing and validation facilities and services, UKAS-approved laboratory services and a base for their infrastructure assessment services. WRc is also the home of the National Centre for Environmental Toxicology, an expert team of scientists and toxicologists that offers a toxicology-on-demand subscription service for its clients.

“We aim to be established leaders that deliver innovation through collaboration and technical excellence,” comments WRc Managing Director Mark Smith. “We create value in all that we do, and our valued solutions help clients to meet their future goals and challenges”.

Like RSK, WRc operates globally, and currently has active projects in the UK and Ireland, Italy, the United States of America, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

“Both WRc and RSK are strong global brands,” continues Mark. “Our focus on innovation and collaboration is shared with RSK, and our services are complementary. Together, we have strong foundations to continue to build on both brands and deliver high-quality services through the talented and experienced professionals that both companies take pride in employing.”

WRc will continue to be led by WRc Managing Director Mark Smith and will become part of RSK’s agriculture, land and property management division. For more information, please contact Mark.