A refreshed focus on nature’s economic value

January 29, 2021

BloombergNEF’s recent article, ‘Pricing Nature Buoys Recovery, Averts Commodity Collapse’, looks at the “refreshed focus on nature’s economic value” that might be able to “help restore ecosystems, replenish supply chains and improve the well-being of all species, humans included.” The piece takes a global approach, examining how authorities across the world are attempting to recover natural assets.

In terms of the UK, one regulation that might assist with this global recuperation is the Environment Bill, which will come into effect soon. The Bill will require property developers to achieve a 10% biodiversity net gain on new development sites, creating a market from those seeking to offset their impact elsewhere. BNEF spoke to Jon Davies and Stephanie Wray, directors of RSK Wilding, RSK’s rewilding business, who are able to generate biodiversity credits for property developers and other companies seeking to have a positive impact on biodiversity.

‘“Our role is to be a matchmaker between landowners who need an income and developers who need these offsets,” Jon told BNEF. Segments of land are assigned a ‘biodiversity metric’ based upon the area of land in question, how valuable or distinctive it is, and the condition it is in. These units are then used “to compare different sites, and the same site before and after development”, to work out the level of biodiversity gain or loss. Any residual impact can then be offset elsewhere through purchasing biodiversity credits.’

“Market demand for biodiversity offsetting is likely to increase from being seen as just a property issue with more companies considering their biodiversity impacts alongside their carbon issues. This focus may well increase following the CoP15 Convention on Biological Diversity, to be held in China later this year,” added Stephanie Wray, RSK Wilding Director.

Subscribers can read the article in full on the BNEF website.

RSK Wilding is an exciting new venture on a mission to use rewilding as a means of offsetting our clients’ carbon and biodiversity impacts whilst also having other environmental and social benefits. RSK Wilding is a multidisciplinary team bringing together an unrivalled breadth of expertise in biodiversity, land management and climate science from across the RSK group of businesses to help leave a lasting legacy for UK biodiversity, the environment and the climate.

In partnership with clients, landowners and other stakeholders, RSK Wilding will restore some of the UK’s landscape to the natural, biodiverse and wild place it used to be, connecting existing protected areas. By doing this, we will be playing our part in leaving a better legacy for future generations…

To find out more visit rskwilding.com or contact wilding@rsk.co.uk.