A life-changing bike ride

March 06, 2020

Over the past two years, the Up and Under Foundation has spent more than £16,000 in funding to help disadvantaged youngsters participate in school trips, youth group events and Scout camps. The charity, supported by the RSK company Up and Under, was set up by the Up and Under founder, Andy Fewtrell.

Much of the money comes from its fund-raising events; the most important of which is the Foundation Rides. And this is where you can help. In exchange, you can have some fun, get fit and even earn yourself a fancy medal!


The Foundation Rides is a month-long challenge event taking place during June. The best bit is that you can set your challenge.

Whether your bike is conventional, mountain, electric, a unicycle, a tricycle or even a motorcycle, if you can think of a challenge and can raise at least £30 for the foundation, then this challenge is for you. Last year, wide-ranging challenges included spinning three times a week, a single ride of 300 km, a virtual ride from Crewe, UK, to Paris, France, and cycling the total elevation of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Challenges don’t have to be too hearty, providing they challenge you and you can persuade people to sponsor you. Participants raising or donating at least £30 will qualify for a bespoke Foundation Rides medal.


Nothing to tea here! Your challenge could be visiting all the tea shops in your area by bike!

Team members from Up and Under and, more recently, RSK, have supported the event over the years. Read the value of your contributions in the following quotes from some of the youngsters who have benefitted.

“My favourite activity was sailing. At first, I was terrified of the wobbliness, but the instructor helped me, and before I knew it, I was steering the boat.” – Chase

“The beach was awesome.” – Mark (first time at the seaside)

“It is a memory I will never forget.” – Ellie


All money raised goes towards school trips and youth group events for disadvantaged youngsters

Can you help the Up and Under Foundation provide more unforgettable memories and take up the challenge for 2020? Entry is free and open. You can sign up here.

If you want to see more of the foundation’s activities, go to www.upandunderfoundation.org or follow them on Facebook.