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A day in the life: Sarah Mogford

Published on June 01, 2022

RSK’s Environment and Planning Divisional Director Sarah Mogford has been part of the RSK family for more than 20 years. As well as sitting on the RSK group board and the group business leadership team, Sarah is a member of the equality, diversity and inclusion committee and has responsibility for the environment pillar of the RSK Sustainability Route Map.


Here she talks about her role and what she enjoys most about it.

Sarah has worked in her current role for about seven years; her main priority is working to enable and facilitate the success of all businesses in the division and the people who work in them.

She describes her responsibilities as joining the dots to make sure everyone gets the most out of being part of the group, while delivering RSK’s divisional ‘buy and build’ strategy.

There is no typical day for Sarah: each day in her job can be quite varied, with many of them starting early, either with regular calls with RSK Australia for catch-ups with the leadership team or with any acquisitions in the pipeline. Otherwise, she might be out and about meeting colleagues or potential acquisitions, something she much prefers to working via Teams.

“I really enjoy seeing people in 3D rather than virtually,” she says. “I try to have a mix in the week of a couple of days out and the others working from home. Wherever I am, the day is usually filled with lots of meetings – talking to my divisional leadership team, taking the opportunity to speak to colleagues across the group wherever I can, speaking to the leaders of new businesses who are joining us and occasionally even talking to the odd client.

“I much prefer a conversation to writing or spreadsheets!”

As so many have found, work is different now in the wake of the pandemic. Not only is Sarah one of many to have a whole wardrobe of office clothes going unused thanks to Teams meetings becoming more of a regular occurrence, but she also feels the shift to remote working can be much more intense.

“It is a more intense way of working, which can sometimes mean that I don’t give myself enough time away from my desk,” she comments. “Face-to-face meetings and travel now feel quite special but I think the agility and flexibility in working patterns that have resulted from the pandemic have left us all with a different perspective on the way we manage our time.”

Mostly, Sarah’s priorities are driven by internal business needs, but she always likes to talk to clients so she remembers what it is they need from RSK.

“RSK is a very fast moving business, so there is always a lot going on,” she explains. “I think it is a really exciting environment to work in, but there is always a massive to do list!

“Keeping on top of the list is really the biggest challenge, and not getting lost in the detail, so that I stay in touch with the people who are really what our business is about.”

On top of her RSK priorities, like many working parents, Sarah also has to find the right balance between work and family life and she makes sure there is “food in the fridge for my family, that my 16- and 13-year-old kids are not feral and that someone has fed the cats and the rabbit!”

But when it comes to work, what does Sarah feel are the best parts of her job?

“It’s about the people I work with,” she explains. “I get a real buzz seeing teams working well together to deliver great projects that result in smiley happy clients. I get great satisfaction and feel proud that I am in a position to be able to support people’s career development and that we can give people quite a unique career pathway through the diversity of the group businesses.

“I really enjoy working as part of a team – in my divisional leadership team there are only five of us, though the senior leadership team of the division numbers about 30. Then of course, there is the group business leadership team and the board,” she adds.

“I feel very much part of all those teams of people and enjoy the variety of working at each of the different levels in the business.”

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