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Winds of change: An aquatic ecologist’s guide to Round 4

Event date: March 31, 2021

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Presented by Matthew Davison BSc Hons, Principal Aquatic Consultant (RSK Biocensus)

In October 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged that offshore wind farms would generate enough electricity to power every home in the UK within a decade; consequently, the government’s offshore renewable energy projection increased from 30 to 40 gigawatts by 2030. This initiative forms part of a 10-point plan, what is being termed the “green industrial revolution”. At present, The Crown Estate Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4 developments are in stage three of the bidding process; the final stage (the agreement for lease) is set to complete in spring 2022.

On award, the development and consenting process will begin and may take a further five years to complete. During this time, it will be the developers’ responsibility to obtain all the necessary consents relating to their respective projects, including the environmental ones.

Drawing on his involvement with the Round 3 offshore wind farm developments, Matthew Davison from RSK Biocensus will discuss the lessons he learned working as a principal aquatic ecologist. Matthew specialises in fish and shellfish ecology and played a key role in providing the fish and shellfish ecology environmental statements for the Hornsea Project One, Neart Na Gaoithe and Navitus Bay offshore wind farms. Matthew’s talk will draw on his cumulative experience of navigating the screening, scoping and consultation processes involved for formulating a baseline against which the potential impacts can be robustly assessed to give the best chance for a developer. The discussion will focus on fish ecology and the associated lessons learned as developers gear up for Round 4.

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This webinar series is a monthly scientific, specialist-led webinar created and led by RSK Biocensus, which focuses on best practices relating to the natural environment and how these could affect RSK and external businesses.


🤔 Do you ever wonder what COP15 really is and why does it matter to you and your business?

💚 Dr Stephanie Wray, RSK Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Managing Director of Nature Positive, gives us a clear explanation about why it is essential for the business community to understand the opportunity that is COP15.

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#COP15 #Biodiversity #Nature #Environment #Sustainability #NetZero

🤝 @facaderemedialconsultants' Managing Director has written to Housing Secretary Michael Gove to highlight concerns around new regulations such as the Building Safety Act 2022 and the developers’ pledge – Mr Gove’s bid to reset building safety in England.

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#Housing #Building #Construction #Safety #Home #Development

🌍 COP15, the upcoming UN biodiversity summit, aims to set out a plan for how countries will work together to achieve a nature-positive world by 2030.

🤝Our panel of experts will debate:
✔ key discussion points highlighted so far during COP15
✔ progress made towards a robust nature-positive action plan
✔ what living in harmony with nature looks like for future generations
✔ how living in harmony with nature can look different around the world.

💡 Join the COP conversation as RSK reports live from COP15!

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#RoutetoCOP15 #Biodiversity #Nature #Sustainability #COP15 #Sustainable

💧 Actively restoring rivers by reinstating natural river processes will play a vital role in helping offset the global freshwater biodiversity crisis.

💡 In this insight, Dr Hamish Moir and Peter Downs from @cbec_eco_engineering_uk, an RSK company, explore how sustainable approaches to river management can help protect us from flooding and droughts.

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#Biodiversity #Climate #Water #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Floods #Droughts

👏 Grace Kassimoto is the only acoustic specialist from and working in East Africa.

💚 In our latest #ADayInTheLife, she discusses how she is leading the way for women in a traditionally male-dominated industry and what she enjoys most about her role.

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📢 We are proud to sponsor the #GreenEnergyAwards 2022, an event organized by Scottish Renewables

🏆 This ceremony aims to recognise the inspirational organisations, people and projects going above and beyond to make a real difference to the health, wealth, and wellbeing of Scotland

We can't wait to see you there!

📅 1st December 2022
📍 Edinburgh

#RenewableEnergy #Renewables #Scotland #Energy #GreenEnergy #Awards