Technologies & Solutions for Coal Transition

February 18, 2021
Event date: 5 March 2021, 09.00–11.30 GMT

RSK continues its pledge to develop answers to the climate question

Last year, RSK signed the Pledge to Net Zero: an initiative that commits organisations from the environmental services sector to a leadership role in the transit towards a net-zero-carbon economy. Signing the pledge demonstrates RSK’s dedication to doing the right thing by developing science-based targets to reduce its emissions in the spirit of the Paris Agreement.

In 2021, specifically from 1–12 November, the UK will host the 26th annual Conference of the Parties (COP26). Marking the five-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement, the conference will be the first opportunity for countries to enhance their commitment to the agreement by revisiting their nationally determined contributions. It will be the first conference attended by the United States of America under the Biden presidency, putting the US back on the path to net zero. Donald Trump had withdrawn the US from the Paris Agreement but, upon election, President Biden re-joined in January 2021.

In March, RSK Europe’s Renewable Energy Business Development Director Ferenc Kis will participate in a lively, free, Department for International Trade webinar, facilitated by Trade Events Online. Taking place on Friday, 5 March from 10.00–12.30 CET (09.00–11.30 GMT), the programme for the event centres on the EU climate change agenda, the European Green Deal and the €17.5 billion Just Transition Fund. The emergence of the climate question has become too prevalent in many sections of society for governments to ignore. Thanks, in part, to social movements and widespread solidarity, European governments are beginning to tackle the social, environmental and technological challenges of shutting coal-fired power plants and switching to low-carbon energy sources.

Ferenc will host a 20-minute segment about financing mechanisms for solar PV on post-mining sites. “It’s a terrific opportunity to showcase RSK’s group-wide dedication to investigating strategic sites, developing appropriate and efficient designs, dealing with potential geohazards and taking groundwater conditions into account. I’m delighted that I’m taking part in the event to present case studies related to financing mechanisms for solar PV plants at former coal-mining sites and adjacent brownfield areas.”

The free webinar, according to the Trade Events Online website, “will provide a great opportunity for coal mine operators, national coal authorities and other participants in coal transition to hear from UK companies on how their experience and expertise can be applied to challenges in the region”.


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