RSK Wilding: Using rewilding to achieve biodiversity net gain and other natural capital benefits

October 13, 2020


Thursday 7 January, 12:30–13:15

Our planet is clearly at a critical turning point in terms of biodiversity loss and climate change; if we do not act now it may be too late. Many believe that rewilding might be at least part of the answer.

In this webinar, head of RSK Wilding Jon Davies will explain how RSK is bringing together its expertise in biodiversity, land management, habitat creation, carbon offsetting and natural capital assessment to help tackle the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change by rewilding. He will describe how RSK Wilding works with both the supply and demand sides of the rewilding equation: landowners keen to enhance the diversity of wildlife on their land in exchange for increased incomes, and developers or corporations needing to achieve biodiversity net gain or offset carbon. He will also discuss the additional benefits that will result from our rewilding projects, including flood protection, improved water quality and increased well-being for local communities through enhanced access to the countryside.

Rewilding can take many forms and will vary from area to area and project to project. However, our aim is to use a low-intervention approach to land management to increase biodiversity significantly, capture as much carbon as possible in the process and generally improve the environmental health and connectivity of our landscapes.

Missed the webinar? Watch again below.