Geotechnics – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

July 20, 2021

Tuesday, 5 October, 12:30–13:15 BST

Many geotechnical failures that occur during construction works are either unforeseen or unforeseeable. In many cases it is not immediately obvious which of these is the case and a claim and possibly a legal case may ensue.  

It is therefore particularly important that geotechnical engineers carrying out site investigations, interpretative reporting and design related work have a broad understanding of the project being undertaken and the potential ground-related risks involved. 

In this seminar, Dr Shon Williams will present a wide range of case studies relating to geotechnical failures that have occurred on sites and will discuss the underlying causes behind them and how they could possibly have been avoided.  

 Shon is a member of the leadership team at RSK Geosciences and has responsibility for geotechnical engineering and the financial performance of the company. He has a background in civil engineering and started his career as a bridge designer. Subsequently, he undertook a PhD in geotechnics and taught geotechnical and structural engineering at university. Since then, he has practised as a geotechnical engineer and carried out many consultancy, design and expert witness related projects.