Gardens and biodiversity

September 07, 2021
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Thursday, 2 December 2021 12:30 – 13:15

Residential gardens can represent a large proportion of the green infrastructure of urban areas, and in recent years, media and public interest in wildlife gardening has grown enormously. This surge in attention has been accompanied by an expanding body of scientific evidence demonstrating how gardens might contribute to biodiversity conservation in the built environment and could provide important ecosystem services. As the rate of global urbanisation grows, the potential importance of these benefits seems likely to increase.

But what are the most important drivers of biodiversity in gardens? This talk will summarise some of the recent scientific evidence, including the impacts of garden-management practices and wildlife-friendly interventions and the role of non-native plants. You will hear about some of the challenges involved in trying to maximise the biodiversity value of domestic gardens for the benefit of nature in the wider urban environment.

Your December guide to garden biodiversity is Richard (Dez) Delahay, RSK Biocensus Director and professor in wildlife biology at Exeter University. Recently, he has been taking a particular interest in how the characteristics and management of these familiar ‘designer ecosystems’ may shape their plant and animal communities. But don’t expect any green-fingered tips, as Dez is by his own admission a pretty lousy gardener…

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