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Economic design and procurement of ground investigations, a consultant’s view

Event date: July 13, 2021

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Tuesday, 13 July, 12:30–13:15

The competitive, cost-effective design of a ground investigation goes further than simply providing the lowest rates and completing the work as quickly as possible. Demonstrating value for money is vital and this can be achieved by taking the time to liaise with clients to fully understand their requirements from the proposed investigation.

Ground-investigation design is often oversimplified and misunderstood, so it is the consultant’s role, as an expert in the field, to offer advice and guidance to ensure that the client’s goals are met. Fully understanding the requirements of an investigation and the client’s driving forces is key to a successful tender. Being able to demonstrate a competent knowledge and understanding of a range of techniques and technologies, along with giving honest feedback and opinions, will build faith with clients and assure them that we want to work with them and share their end goals.

Ultimately, we strive to become a trusted adviser to the client and to be the first they think of when an issue or problem arises. In this way we will win repeat work based on trust, as opposed to price.

Jeremy Leach BSc MCIWEM C.WEM FGS is an Associate Director and Team Leader for the South West RSK Geosciences team, with 14 years’ experience in the ground investigation industry, working for numerous clients across residential development, contracting and government sectors. Jeremy has led and been part of the design and execution of ground investigations ranging in value from a few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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🤔 Should businesses offer free period products to staff?

We think they should!

💚 We decided to trial this at our offices, offering pads, panty liners and tampons for free. What’s more, all products on offer (and their packaging) are made from sustainable materials.

What do you think of this initiative?

#Inclusion #Wellbeing #Culture #WorkCulture #Diversity #Sustainability

📸 #selfiesonsite 🤳

RSK Radiological’s Karen Gunn on her way to site in her first drive of one of our RSK’s electric vehicles fleet!

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🤝 At COP27, delegates from across the globe debated vital issues from expediting clean energy solutions to ensuring financial support for nations on the front lines of climate change.

🤔 As we are looking ahead to what the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) will bring, we asked specialists from across the RSK group what impact the agreement has had on their sectors and regions.

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#ClimateChange #Biodiversity #ClimateCrisis #COP15 #COP27 #Sustainability

📸 #selfiesonsite 🤳

Amelia Houghton from RSK Biocensus having a wonderful time on-site!

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👏 Steven Carmody, Managing Director at SCP Infrastructure, an RSK group company, has been re-elected to the national council of the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation.

💚 "I take great pride in seeing things being built and leaving a long-term legacy for our world.”

Find out more about Steven's work in our bio!

#Highways #Transportation #Transport #Infrastructure #Sustainability #Council

🤔 Do you ever wonder what COP15 really is and why does it matter to you and your business?

💚 Dr Stephanie Wray, RSK Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Managing Director of Nature Positive, gives us a clear explanation about why it is essential for the business community to understand the opportunity that is COP15.

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#COP15 #Biodiversity #Nature #Environment #Sustainability #NetZero

🤝 @facaderemedialconsultants' Managing Director has written to Housing Secretary Michael Gove to highlight concerns around new regulations such as the Building Safety Act 2022 and the developers’ pledge – Mr Gove’s bid to reset building safety in England.

Find out what he requested in our bio!

#Housing #Building #Construction #Safety #Home #Development