Asbestos in soil: Risks and management during site work

September 30, 2021

Tuesday, 7 December, 12:30–13:15

There is considerable guidance on investigating, assessing and managing the risks of occupational exposure to asbestos in buildings, however the guidance on assessing and managing the environmental risks from asbestos in soil has historically been more limited. Since the publishing of CAR-SOILTM in 2016, guidance for groundworkers encountering asbestos in soil has become a key part of health and safety documentation and working practices during site investigations. The consideration of asbestos in soil is imperative throughout the early design and implementation of a site investigation, which has led to key health and safety documentation being updated.

This presentation, hosted by Senior Environmental Consultant Emma Hobbs, will provide a brief overview of the risks of asbestos in soil and how these can impact every aspect of a site investigation’s design and implementation, from the tender stage to on-site sampling. A number of case studies will be used to show how an RSK engineer manages the risks from asbestos during site work.

Emma is an engineer within RSK’s Manchester Geosciences team, where she has worked on a number of sites impacted by asbestos. Emma is part of RSK’s asbestos subgroup, provides internal asbestos awareness training and holds the role of technical lead for asbestos in soil during site work.

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