Arboriculture: The consideration and protection of trees on development sites

June 08, 2021

Thursday, 2 September, 12:30–13:15


RSK Biocensus Principal Arboricultural Consultants Rob Fear and James Butler will deliver a First Thursday Club webinar on arboriculture.

The webinar will summarise the processes required to sustainably retain trees on development sites.

The consultants will give a brief history of the British Standard BS 5837, which provides guidance for tree surveys on development sites, and will explain the required reporting stages that are involved with this element of a planning application.

Rob and James have been in the arboricultural consultancy industry for over 10 years, having both previously worked as contracting arborists.

Rob has predominantly worked in the private sector for large multidisciplinary consultancies, whereas James has previously held arboricultural roles at local authorities and also in Hong Kong.

Missed the webinar? Watch again below.