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Event date: April 06, 2023

So how is BNG going to work then?

This webinar will review the salient BNG updates and will draw on our experience of delivering complex large-scale BNG delivery plans

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Down to Earth focuses on core elements of RSK Geosciences' business and their applications in today’s world.
The First Thursday Club is a monthly scientific, specialist-led webinar created and led by RSK Biocensus
Green Dialogues brings together environmental sector specialists to survey the path to a sustainable future.
Route to COP15 explores forthcoming nature-related frameworks and policies and what they mean for business.
Technical Talks showcases the breadth of in-house specialisms across its technical services provision.
Moving forward after COP15

Join Nature Positive Director Stephanie Wray to find out what you, your business and your government need to do after COP15

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How can nature-based solutions address your challenges?

In this webinar, RSK will explain more about nature-based solutions, with its in-house teams ADAS Natural Solutions and Solutions By Nature sharing their experiences of how they are supporting clients and helping them to achieve their environmental goals.

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A fair COP? What will COP15 mean for business?

Steph Wray from Nature Positive will be here to answer all your questions before she packs her thermals and heads off to join COP15.

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ESG and building momentum in construction

This webinar will explore ESG for the construction sector, including examining how organisations can respond to emerging reporting and regulation requirements and act on the triple sustainability threats of climate change, biodiversity loss and poverty.

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Solar farms: An opportunity for biodiversity?

This webinar will discuss how we can use these spaces dedicated to green energy production and think outside the box to ensure we are providing net benefits to biodiversity.

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Setting science-based targets to tackle biodiversity loss

This webinar explores well businesses understand their dependencies and impacts on nature and how that translates into corporate strategies.

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Evidence and ecological consultancy: uneasy pals or peas in a pod?

In this webinar Richard Delahay, RSK Biocensus Director will explore the role of scientific evidence in ecological consultancy. 

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Sustainability challenges in the rail industry

This webinar will describe Network Rail’s sustainability journey and highlight the future challenges the British rail industry will face.

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Getting our (native) ducks in a row

In this talk, Rich Prew and Mark Lang will summarise the key issues that arose from the recent consultation on BNG.

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What’s what in the wet: Why and when you might need aquatic ecologists

We will outline the legal considerations regarding aquatic environments and give an overview of the types of projects for which aquatic ecology advice may be needed

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eDNA: an introduction to environmental DNA in ecology and conservation

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is fast becoming an important tool in the study of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity.

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Life on the road: The biodiversity of highways

In this sector-focused webinar, the RSK Biocensus team looks back on 30 years of practice in the field of wildlife and highways to identify solutions to some of the most intractable problems and will then look forward to what biodiversity net gain and the future policy landscape will mean for linear infrastructure.

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A class act? Changes in environmental regulation

In this webinar, RSK Biocensus Managing Director Tim Hounsome will give an overview of the provisions of the Environment Act 2021

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Live from COP26: Greening the Blue Chips

Follow the live stream from Glasgow as we welcome business leaders for a sustainability event promising NOT to be your typical ESG seminar.

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Gardens and biodiversity

This talk will summarise some of the recent scientific evidence about the most important drivers of biodiversity in gardens

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BNG and NN: Finding ecological solutions to the housing problem

Matt Wainhouse, Principal Ecologist at RSK, will explain what BNG and NN are and why they are such important initiatives

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The consideration and protection of trees on development sites

On Thursday, 2 September 2021, RSK Biocensus Principal Arboricultural Consultants Rob Fear and James Butler will deliver a First Thursday Club webinar on arboriculture.

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How to be a good ecology expert witness at public inquiries

In this webinar, Jon Davies, Director at RSK Wilding, Nature Positive and RSK Biocensus, will attempt to dispel some of the myths and the fears around the role of expert witness.

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Wildlife disease and ecological consultancy

As the effects of one particular disease are currently dominating our lives, a webinar on wildlife diseases may sound like the last thing you want to tune in to! But do not be put off: this talk by RSK Biocensus Director and Exeter University professor Richard (Dez) Delahay will provide some fascinating insights into disease ecology; how human activities can influence disease emergence and spread; and how disease links to climate change and the biodiversity crisis.

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Alien invasions: How have non-native crayfish invaded our waterways?

RSK Biocensus Aquatic Ecology Lead Dr Pete Walker will deliver a webinar on crayfish, coinciding with the GB NNSS Invasive Species Week.

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BRICtalks: Greening and biodiversity net gain for vacant land

Dr Stephanie Wray, Director of RSK Biocensus and its subsidiary Nature Positive, will be joining the Brownfield Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC) on 25 February for the latest event in its BRICtalks webinar series.

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Bird Survey Guidelines spread their wings

Currently, there is no industry-standard guidance for surveying breeding birds. In the next RSK Biocensus webinar, Dr Tim Hounsome, Managing Director, will tell you about the new guidelines that are about to be launched and the changes these will bring.

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Winds of change: An aquatic ecologist’s guide to Round 4

Drawing on his involvement with the Round 3 offshore wind farm developments, Matthew Davison from RSK Biocensus will discuss the lessons he learned working as a principal aquatic ecologist.

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Bat mitigation: More than just winging it

In our next webinar, come and hang out with Paola Reason from RSK Biocensus, who will shed light on bats, those creatures of the night. Accounting for more than a quarter of mammal species in the UK, bats are fascinating, but often misunderstood, creatures.

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How your business relies on biodiversity

In this session, Stephanie Wray from Nature Positive will talk about how to identify the goods and services provided by nature that your business relies on, minimise your business risk and reduce your biodiversity footprint.

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Using rewilding for biodiversity net gain and other natural benefits

In this webinar, head of RSK Wilding Jon Davies will explain how RSK is bringing together its expertise in biodiversity, land management, habitat creation, carbon offsetting and natural capital assessment to help tackle the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change by rewilding.

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Avoiding Boris’s “newt-counting delays” to build back green

Inspired by Boris, we are talking all things newt. Have you been beset by ‘newt-counting delays’? Or do you find amphibians have a ‘mi-newt’ (sorry) effect on your progress?

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Achieving Net Gain using the Defra biodiversity metric

Everybody wants the world to be a better and greener place. For developers, one way in which they can contribute to this is by paying attention to biodiversity net gain (BNG).

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Navigating the pitfalls of fish passage

With many species of fish undertaking significant migrations within river systems, fish passage issues are important considerations for fisheries managers or others who own or manage in-river structures that may act as a barrier or significant obstacle to the free movement of fish.

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Bringing the BREEAM home – Bat Boxes and Beyond

Do you want to maximise your BREEAM successes? This talk will explain land use and ecology credits and why it makes commercial sense to involve RSK at the very beginning of your planning process, when our various in-house specialists can offer a one stop shop for working towards over 70 BREEAM credits.

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Badgers on development sites

Join Richard (Dez) Delahay, a director of RSK Biocensus and a professor of wildlife biology at the University of Exeter, for a fascinating look at all things badgery!

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